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The beach of Tamariu is very popular in summer, not only for bathers, but also for being a field of buoys for anchoring. But their dives are another world apart.

Apparently it's a beach that can arouse little interest for diving, but far from reality, this beach is sheltered to the north which provides shelter to the fauna in case of north winds. And its sandy bottoms, nothing interesting during the day, are full of life at night.


The maximum depth of the dive is about 14 meters, being practically the entire route on sandy bottom, where they are discovering very diverse fauna. Rays, electric rays, sole, diferent day fishes sleeping, hermit crabs, sand congers, sleeping dentex, terns, rats, squid, cuttlefish, octopus and much more is the fauna that can be observed during this relaxing dive, without risk of decompression, without swimming excessively and without a dive time limit. A paradise for lovers of nightlife.