Located in the middle of the blue, in front of Illa Fitó, a spectacular rock formation rises from a bottom of more than 50 meters, forming a plateau (the Furió) with a minimum depth of 14 meters and a second pinacle (the Furionet) whose top is 26 meters.

It is the most popular dive of the zone. Given the depths, the minimum level must be Advanced. The immersion starts from the plateau, heading north, where following a small crack, we find the collapse of the furió, which falls to 45 meters. The walls are covered entirely by red gorgonians, with a wide variety of sponges and other invertebrates that give a great variety of color. Follow the east direction wall, until you reach the furionet, separated a few meters from the base (but a dozen of its top).


In its walls and cracks we can find the omnipresent moray eels, conger eels and some scorpion fish. The luckiest can lead to see some monkfish in early spring, some John Dory fish or moonfish (especially at the end of spring).