Located right in front of Aiguaxélida beach, an island rises in the middle of the sea that receives the name of the same beach: Furió of Aiguaxélida.

It is a very versatile dive that allows a wide variety of tours, from going around the island to jump a total of 4 canyons parallel to it, in Southeast direction, until you reach a sandy area with an isolated rock at about 33 meters where in the spring there is a moonfish cleaning station. In all the tours you can see the typical communities of red gorgonians that are so characteristic of the Costa Brava and scarce in the rest of the coast. In spite of having this great variety of routes, in all of them you can observe a great quantity of fauna: banks of barracudas, dentex, snappers, groupers, moray eels, scorpion fish, lobsters.


A quiet dive that leaves everyone happy.