Below we explain the different courses or activities that we develop in our center. For more information about each section, click on the pictures:

Try Scuba Diving 

The Try Scuba Diving is the first experience in diving. Our instructors will explain the equipment, how we place it, how will develop the activity in the water and finally we will be able to practice it.
The activity lasts 2 hours and the minimum age must be 10 years.

Open Water Diver

The Open Water is the first recreational level from which you are considered an autonomous diver. During the course different exercises are developed so that you acquire fluency and learn how to proceed in the water. Once certified, it is a valid qualification worldwide that allows you to descend up to a maximum of 18 meters.

Advanced adventurer

The Advenced Adventurer consists of a specialty course, where 5 different specialty dives are developed (although this does not grant you the certification of each specialty). In this course you can try different types of diving. Once you have 20 registered dives, you will acquire the Advanced Open Water Diver.

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Stress & Rescue diver

In this course you will learn to prevent, control and act before cases of panic or problems of yours and your classmates. It is a fun experience that will help you to train and be a safer diver, able to know how to act and being a point of support for your diving partners of lower level.

Master Diver

The Master Diver is the first professional level as a diver, which allows you to be a group guide in dives, swimming pool baptisms or attend baptisms and open water courses for instructors.


The diving specialties will help you to expand your knowledge in different fields and types of diving situations. Each specialty consists of a theory, an associated exam and 2 dives on that subject. Once finished you get the specialty certificate. For example, the Deep diving specialty enables you to dive up to 40 meters deep. Or the specialty Night Diving and reduced visibility enables you to dive at night. Do not miss these experiences and continue your training!