From Begur Dive we also want to offer you the best products on the diving market, from suits of all kinds, fins, masks, as well as other accessories that can be useful in diving, such as flashlights, waterproof material, books, among other items. Do not hesitate to ask us about any of the products in our catalog!

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Gift Voucher

Do you want to give something different? Do you want to give away new experiences, adventure and / or training? Well, do not hesitate and buy your gift voucher for a baptism or a course.


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Trajes de buceo
Dive suits and freediving suits

We have a wide variety of diving suits, from microporous apnea wet models, wet diving, semi-dry or the new Desert dry model by Cressi, of exceptional quality and a scandalous price.

Máscaras de Buceo
Diving masks

We offer you the best and most innovative masks that Cressi sells. With reduced volumes, suitable for a wide variety of faces and some models with the new "Stop Fog" system that prevents the glass from fogging excessively, even with very cold water.


Ask us for more information and we will advise you which would be the most suitable model for you!

Reguladores de buceo

We have a wide range of regulators, from the highest range of Cressi, such as the Galaxy, to more affordable intermediate ranges but with very good benefits.


Ask us for information and we will advise you!

Jackets de buceo

We have a variety of Cressi range of jackets, from the simplest, most durable and reliable ones such as the Aquapro, to the newest and most innovative semi-wing based jacks, being a midpoint between conventional recreational diving and technical diving materials.

Aletas de buceo

We offer you different models of fins for the most demanding divers. And it is that we have from the classic Frog to the most innovative models like the Ara. Or models for a more radical dive or lovers of swimming and currents, such as Modular fins, designed for the practice of freediving but totally suitable for diving.

Accesorios de buceo
Other accessories

Check out other products that we have for diving that may be useful to you.

Libros buceo

At Begurdive we also offer you different books focused on underwater photography, so you can start or improve your underwater photography technique and discover and share the underwater universe with everyone.

Atelier Products

At Begurdive we also offer you the most exclusive Cressi models on the market: the Atelier range, only available in physical stores. Ask us about everything this range offers and we will advise you.