In the middle of the municipality of Begur, under cover of the Cap de Begur in the north and of Punta es Mut in the east, lies the quiet Aiguablava beach, with its characteristic crystalline water.

The cove has different routes, allowing dives both initiation (Try Scuba Divings), dives of confined and open waters of the beach, as well as guided and nightdives.


The left part of the beach is ideal to carry out exercises of the courses as well as where our Try Scuba Diving take place. In fact we have installed a imitation of the archaeological site that the CASC (Center of Underwater Archeology of Catalonia) unearthed.


On the right side of the beach we find seagrass meadows that give way to a rocky bottom of small and medium blocks to end up in a vertical hard rock formation (that coincides with the submerged continuation of Punta es Mut) forming a rocky canyon covered with sponges of all colors, white gorgonias and holes where a great diversity of species hide.


This immersion is also ideal at night, being very simple, with a maximum depth of 20 meters and allowing observing a great diversity of fauna such as rays, electric rays, sole, rats, moray eels, conger eels, etc.